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Accelerate Potential

A strong focus on talent is one of the most effective ways to stay competitive and impact your bottom line. Global companies who commit to building dynamic succession programs consistently achieve higher rates of engagement, productivity, retention, and profit. In addition, companies who invest in a development culture produce winning environments where employees are happier, highly motivated, and driven to perform.



XLR8’s Accelerated Development Program for High Potentials has yielded tremendous success over the past 10 years. Over 90% of the participants have been promoted or moved to positions with greater responsibility within the 1st year of program completion. They also have had a much greater retention rate than the industry norm.  The program has yielded sustainable change through the comprehensive team approach.



Participants get very excited about the program, with the focused approach on personalized development plans that link their particular strengths, passions, and skills to corporate goals. In this program, there are opportunities for broader exposure to Senior Leadership and the Organization at large.  A combination of tools and methods are used including assessments and 360s, intense coaching and mentoring, and various development opportunities.

Accelerated Development fosters long term organizational change including follow-through to drive continuous improvement. Ultimately, it delivers deep value in productivity and bolstering business.

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