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Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level

Customized development programs that offer new skills and knowledge on a variety of leadership topics that are competitively priced. 

Focused approach on personalized development plans and coaching that link the leader's particular strengths, passions, and skills to corporate goals.

Committed to increasing your coaching impact by providing you with the information and tools you need to continue growing at the ACC, PCC, or MCC level.



Lisa Collins, MCC

XLR8, LLC is a management consulting firm led by Lisa Collins, MCC, that has accelerated and transformed performance for a broad range of global organizations.  Through an innovative and comprehensive team approach, XLR8 Partners execute strategic talent management programs, tailored to the organization, to produce winning environments with higher rates of engagement, performance, retention, and profit.

Lisa is the founder of XLR8, LLC and a global training & organizational development professional with the strategic vision and management skills to bring innovative programs to global organizations. She is an analytical problem solver who advises management on ways to resolve highly sensitive issues. 


Accelerated leadership development is a particular talent of Lisa’s.  She has designed and tailored Succession Management programs for several global organizations, coaching their high potential leaders to higher positions and accelerating their careers.  In addition, Lisa is successful at building and sustaining development cultures.  She works closely with leadership teams guiding them to coach staff in their development and thereby infusing the organization with sustained behavior changes. 


Lisa has a Master's degree in Psychology with a concentration in Group Processes. She is Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Mentor Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Currently, there are less than 1500 Master Certified Coaches in the world!  She has extensive professional certifications in such areas as competency training, 360 instruments, behavioral interviewing, coaching, leadership effectiveness, and personality assessments.

XLR8 Partners have raised the bar with a proven ability to build development cultures that are sustainable for long term success.  We would love to help you accelerate the performance of your people and your bottom line.  We invite you to contact us to learn more.



"Lisa, thank you for helping me see options and alternatives to deal with my situation. I appreciate  our conversations and thank you for always showing me respect." Quality Manager, Manufacturing Company

"Lisa is a perfect fit for me.   We have very focused discussions and create meaningful practices for me to achieve improvement on my goals. This is the stuff I can use right away to be more effective. Love my sessions! "  Supply Chain Director, Manufacturing Company


"Lisa, thank you for our conversations.  Your coaching and empathy have contributed to my leadership growth over the past few months. I will become a better leader and better equipped to handle difficult and challenging situations because of your support." Director, Learning and Development for a HealthCare System


"Lisa has been a blessing in my career development. I hit a home run with my coach selection process. I can't thank her enough for all that she has provided me with.  I look forward to my journey moving forward utilizing the lessons I have acquired in our sessions.

I continue to love the way she takes me out of my comfort zone-- it's not always easy, but always necessary." Director of Merchandise, in the Retail Industry


"Super excited to work with Lisa.  She immediately honed in on opportunities to help my team members grow in their careers. This experience has been so valuable. I've identified key areas of opportunity and created clear goals for myself for the next year that I know I will achieve." Sr. Director Marketing, in the Retail Industry

"Lisa provided excellent advice and direction that was very helpful in managing my team.  She has expertise specifically in team development that enabled me to think strategically about the roles of each team member.  I would recommend her without reservation." Department Chair, University


"Lisa is an excellent coach with years of experience in employee development and team effectiveness.  She was able to help me identify my goals, organize a strategy for achieving them and a means for measuring my effectiveness.  She added significant value to my organization." Director, Human Resources for Pharmaceutical Company


"Lisa is particularly effective in analyzing the assets of my team, identifying areas in need of development, and providing a framework for me to achieve my goals.  My role involves decision making in a complex and high paced environment and Lisa provided me with the framework I need to make more informed decisions and to effectively leverage talent in my organization." General Manager, Manufacturing Company


"Thank you for listening and for helping me to see things in me that were always there, but I somehow overlooked.  I love these sessions!"

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